3 Chicago Cubs takeaways prior to Crosstown Classic series with Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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2. The Cubs were just as bad as the White Sox in May

For all the jokes that Cubs fans may have made at the White Sox's expense during April, those jokes are not valid for May.

The Cubs were 10-18 last month and the White Sox were 9-19. All this to say for the fans expecting the Cubs to get right against the White Sox on Tuesday and Wednesday, that is no guarantee. The problem with that statement is that the White Sox were meant to be intentionally bad this season while the Cubs had the expectation of contending.

But this circles back to Jed Hoyer wanting the benefit of the doubt. The Cubs winning the World Series in 2016 does not afford Hoyer the luxury of having the benefit of the doubt in 2024. Hoyer, when he has been the top voice in the baseball organization, has yet to win anything and should be viewed in that respect.