3 Chicago Cubs prospects who have improved their stock and 2 who hurt it

The Chicago Cubs have an incredible farm system but so far this season, these prospects have separated themselves from the rest; for better or worse.
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Cade Horton

Right Handed Pitcher (Triple-A Iowa)

18 IP, 7.50 ERA, 22/11 K/BB

Cade Horton was considered by some to be the Cubs top prospect going into the 2024 season and in his first four starts of the season at Double-A Tennessee he made sure that everyone in the game knew why as he pitched to a 1.10 ERA across 16.1 innings. 

However, since he got the call to Triple-A Iowa, he’s been less than stellar. He's allowed multiple runs in each of the five games he’s pitched and has never pitched more than five innings. 

Beyond that, he’s struggled with walks which has never been a part of his game and potentially most concerning of all, he’s now dealing with some injury troubles.

The best ability is availability and right beneath that is dependability and so far in 2024 Horton has not shown either.

Prior to the season, if Horton were involved in a trade, it would mean the Cubs were getting one of the best players in baseball in return. However, unless he comes back and shows the Horton we saw in 2023 and at Double-A Tennessee this season, that will certainly not be the case.