3 Chicago Cubs players who could be gone by June 1

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3 Cubs players who could be gone by June 1 - #2: Eric Hosmer

Everyone has spoken ad nauseam about Eric Hosmer's poor performance, but it is truly unbelievable how many times he comes to the plate with runners in scoring position and has not come through. He just is not a guy you want in the lineup for his lack of clutch hitting. On the year,

Mervis, Trey Mancini, Cody Bellinger and Patrick Wisdom are all capable of playing first base so there is not a positional need for Hosmer and if his bat is not producing, he should not be taking up a roster spot no matter how big an influence he carries in the clubhouse.

I would rather see the Cubs carry three catchers like they did earlier in the season and replace Hosmer's spot on the active roster with Miguel Amaya. Tucker Barnahart will be around and there's nothing that can be done about that. But while you have veteran catchers like Barnhart and Yan Gomes on the team, Amaya should be at the big league level learning from them. He is the catcher of the future and he needs major league exposure now in order to succeed later.