3 Chicago Cubs players who could be gone by June 1

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3 Cubs players who could be gone by June 1 - #3: Nick Madrigal

Oh Nick Madrigal, the misfit that just doesn't have a place on this team.

Nico Hoerner has him blocked at second base, and even though Hoerner is injured I'd much rather have Christopher Morel play second than give Madrigal at-bats. You also have plenty of options at third besides Wisdom, including Morel and Triple-A options like Edwin Rios and Jake Slaughter.

Madrigal's on field depth at just two positions does not justify giving a guy with a wRC+ of 66 opportunities to drive in runs. The majority of the balls he puts in play are on the ground (67 percent), he doesn't take walks (just two all year), his baserunning is poor, he doesn't drive in runs (7 RBIs) and he has no power.

Next. Ian Happ continues to quietly produce for the Cubs. dark

Why is this guy still getting opportunities? The short answer - he shouldn't be and getting him off this roster needs to be a priority if this team has a real interest in winning.