3 bats the Chicago Cubs can target at the trade deadline

Jed Hoyer is not done making this team the best it can be.
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Given Jed Hoyer's comments recently about his confidence in what the Chicago Cubs can achieve this season, it makes sense that he addressed the need to add to the offense rather than ever consider selling at the deadline to this juncture. We've seen firsthand what this offense is capable of this season, and given Hoyer's contract status with the Cubs, he knows he needs to keep his foot on the gas and turn this team into a winner. Adding to the offense is a good place to start, and many impactful bats can be had this season at the trade deadline. Let's take a look at three of them now.

3 bats to target at the deadline - 3. Pete Alonso

With the New York Mets in a tail-spin this season, the team will likely be sellers as the trade deadline approaches. All eyes will be on Pete Alonso as one of the most coveted trade chips on the market from a hitter's standpoint, and the Cubs should be right in the thick of it. Making Alonso's availability more likely is his recent hiring of Scott Boras, all but shutting the door on an in-season extension.

Alonso still fits on this roster, even with Michael Busch and Cody Bellinger in the mix at first base. Alonso can simply DH or rotate between 1B/DH, whereas Christopher Morel can still get at-bats if he is removed from defensive duty at 3B. Alonso's offensive numbers are down this season, but his home run total is on pace for his career averages. The Cubs need his power in the clean-up spot and have plenty of prospect currency to pull this off without even coming close to depleting the farm system.