Chicago Cubs' offense ignites after vote of confidence from Jed Hoyer

The Chicago Cubs' President of Baseball Operations knows this team can rebound.
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After the Chicago Cubs began a free fall in the middle of last month, ending with a May record of 10-18, team President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer addressed the media and had much to say. It was an encouraging sign to know that Hoyer believes highly in this team and is about as far away as possible from considering selling at the trade deadline.

This sentiment was followed immediately by an offensive outburst after the team fell into a five-run deficit against their cross-town rival Chicago White Sox. The bats exploded with multiple home runs, culminating in a booming two-run double by Ian Happ. Sometimes, the spark comes from the top, and a front office head believing in you is all you need to be reminded of what you're capable of.

Jed Hoyer's focus is on the Chicago Cubs' roster rebounding without external fixes.

Hoyer knows it's a long and grueling season, and the main thing to remember is that baseball is a game of hot and cold. Considering the Cubs just experienced a rather deep valley, they can only now go up as they look to stay above .500, where they've sat most of the season until recently. For this team, it's about clicking on all cylinders.

As Hoyer points out, the offense looking to break out is excellent, and it needs to happen. Still, it fails to erase the fact that the team's ERA in the last seven days is an underwhelming 5.02, which is in the bottom six of the entire league. Circling back to Hoyer's point, not only have we seen the Cubs hit this year, but we've also seen them put on fantastic pitching displays. The bullpen looks shaky, but additions can be made. The Cubs just need to get hot at the right time and coast until the deadline, where buying makes more sense than selling.

The truth is, as we learned about Hoyer's contract with the Cubs expiring after the 2025 season, he needs the team to start winning. A lot is riding on the Cubs succeeding in 2024. Going back to the start of the rebuild, It's easy to envision Hoyer being on the hot seat If this front office that had 2024 circled on its radar for multiple years to compete falls short. Hopefully, the Cubs will get back to piling up W's, and the fans get back to enjoying playoff atmosphere at Wrigley this fall.

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