10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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Folklore- Justin Steele (LHP)

Folklore kind of came out of nowhere and surprised everyone. Taylor Swift had canceled LoverFest and she wanted to give fans something to look forward to in a time when there really wasn’t much going on but misery. 

Justin Steele did pretty much the same thing. Over the last year Justin Steele has been one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, coming seemingly out of nowhere and giving Cubs’ fans something to look forward to in a time when there really isn’t much going on but misery.

The album was a little different than what we had come to expect from Taylor but it was obviously still excellent, even if it wasn’t a mainstream pop hit. Justin Steele has been the same. He’s an obviously excellent pitcher, but not one that mainstream baseball outlets will recognize in any meaningful way. 

He may not be The 1 in this rotation right now; that honor still belongs to Marcus Stroman. However, when he was pulled from his most recent start with forearm tightness I have to admit My Tears Ricocheted at the idea of having to try to put this season back together without him in the rotation.