10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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Evermore- Drew Smyly (LHP)

Evermore is a lot like Folklore. Both albums have Swift experimenting with a more indie type sound rather than the pop or country music that had originally been her brand which left some of her newer fans feeling left out. 

Drew Smyly is not dissimilar from Justin Steele. They’re both left-handed pitchers that use movement and command far more than velocity in a league that tends to put more value into the latter. 

Much like the two aforementioned albums don’t receive as much love from fans, Smyly and Steele are often left out of the pantheon of great pitchers when it comes to random baseball fans. It doesn’t matter that both of them are in the top twelve in ERA in the National League, fans prefer the name value of Corbin Burnes (18) or the velocity of Hunter Greene (20). 

Drew Smyly lost his opportunity at history in what would end up being a 13-0 rout of the LA Dodgers on April 21st. It’s tough to lose a Perfect Game in such a way, but to come away with that big of a victory makes it feel like Champagne Problems.