10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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1989- Christopher Morel (3B/OF/DH)

When I think of fun, a couple of things instantly jump to my mind. I think of Javier Baez pointing to Yadier Molina before he’s even tagged the runner out at second base. I think of dancing to Shake It Off with my wife at every wedding we’ve been to since 2016. And starting last season I think of Christopher Morel’s massive infectious smile as he lives his best life while playing whatever position he’s asked to play in the game that he loves. 

To start the year it was hard to look at the lineup card and not think that there was a Blank Space where Morel’s name should be as he destroyed AAA. 

With a 76 on Metacritic, 1989 may not be Taylor Swift’s best album. There are some critics that will tell you that it’s all flash and no substance. In fact after 1989 Taylor Swift went off the grid for a little bit before releasing her next album. 

Christopher Morel is seen pretty much the same way. Critics will say he’s a liability on defense, that he’s all flash and no substance. After a rough end to his 2022 season he spent the beginning of the 2023 season out of the limelight as he honed his craft in Iowa and all he thought about was Karma until he was called back up to the Majors in May. 

Given his incredibly hot start since being recalled, I’d say we’re Out Of The Woods on having to worry about him being sent down again anytime soon, becuase since his return all he has done is hit. Since Taylor’s return, all she’s done is make hits.