10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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Reputation- Cody Bellinger (OF)

This one may be low-hanging fruit but not many people expected Taylor Swift to come out of her time away from the music industry and come back with a great album. Sure, she had a history of being one of the biggest artists in the world, but had she lost her touch?

The same could be said for Bellinger to start the season. This was a gold-glove center fielder that had won Rookie of the Year, MVP, and a World Series, but the baseball world had given up on him. 

Well this season the Old Cody Bellinger couldn’t come to the phone. Why? Because he’s dead. The new version of Bellinger that we saw in April was a base-stealing, home run-hitting, comeback player of the year-winning, son of a gun

When he returned to Los Angeles he was given a standing ovation that lasted so long that he received a pitch-clock violation. He had to be looking at the fans and thinking Look What You Made Me Do. As much fun as he’s been to watch this year, he Did Something Bad to his leg when he came down awkwardly in the outfield and will hopefully be coming off of the injured list soon.