10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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Speak Now- Matt Mervis (1B)

For those of you that don’t know, Taylor Swift likes to write her own music and she wrote Speak Now completely on her own. She had a handful of songs on the album that really showed her range as a songwriter like Dear John (which definitely is not about John Mayer), but then she also had some songs that showed some room for personal growth like Better than Revenge, which makes perfect sense because she was still only 19 when she was writing the album and 20 when it was released.

Matt Mervis can be described in a pretty similar way. He went through a really rough time as his final season at Duke was taken away from him by COVID and he went undrafted. He had to do everything himself in order to make people notice him and change their perceptions of who he was as a hitter. He has had some ups and downs since getting the call-up to the Majors in May and still looks like he has some room for personal growth against exceptional left-handed pitching, but you can start to see what he’s got if you watch the good stuff.

Finally, the title song is literally about breaking up a wedding. While Eric Hosmer and the Cubs may have only been engaged (maybe just dating?), Mervis showing up definitely put an end to that relationship as Hosmer was kicked to the curb and left at the altar when he was DFA’d by the Cubs only a couple of weeks later.