10 Chicago Cubs Players As Taylor Swift Eras

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Fearless (Taylor’s Version)- Ian Happ (OF)

Ian Happ is a solid player. He has modified his game a little bit from when he was drafted as a power-hitting middle infielder that eventually got some play in centerfield and then found his true home as a gold-glove left fielder. He also traded in some of that power to become an on-base machine and this year he’s got an on-base percentage of .394 at the time of writing. 

Taylor did something similar with Fearless. She began to make the transition away from country music and towards pop music. There’s still a little twang, just like Happ has been known to launch a few tape-measurer homers when he really wants to, but you started to be able to see the artist that she wanted to grow into with this album.

Finally, before the trade deadline in 2022, just about everyone expected the Cubs to trade Happ and Contreras like they had traded every other key piece in the first major rebuild. However, Jed Hoyer thought of his favorite song and likely went to Ian and said “You Belong With Me” (where “me” is the Chicago Cubs). Happ spent the beginning of this season fearlessly playing without an extension and when Jed brought the contract to him after the season had started in April Ian decided that this is too good of a Love Story and even though he probably could’ve gotten more money on the open market he just said… yes.