Three series in a row? Cubs are rolling at a critical point

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The Chicago Cubs have a chance to win three series in a row. Who would’ve thought that possible after seeing them swept by the Dodgers at home earlier this month?

In the three games Chicago won against Pittsburgh this season heading into Tuesday’s matchup, they have outscored them 32-1. However, the Cubs have also lost four games to the Pirates with a run total of 18-10. It is high time these Cubs rise up and take a series from the Bucs.

As of today, May 17, the Cubs are in fourth place in the National League Central, a half-game behind Pittsburgh (assuming Chicago’s lead holds tonight, that will soon change). Two wins would reverse that positioning and go a long toward getting the Cubs back to .500 ball. It would begin to straighten out the inequity between the team’s home-road splits.

No Place Like Home?

Currently the Cubs are 5-11 at home and 9-9 on the road. In the words of a nameless famous philosopher, that’s “bass-ackwards!” It is important that these Cubs give their fans some home wins to thank them for their support.

I do not see this team being in the running for anything – even a Wild Card spot, but I do think a .500 record is within reach. The starting pitching, while inconsistent, has shown some evidence of potential. The bullpen is solid, underrated and, as was the case last season, overworked.

The offense also has an upside. To mention just a few players, Willson Contreras appears to be having a career year (Hey, Jed, extend the man already) and if Nico Hoerner can avoid running into umps, he looks to be a better hitter than I expected. Patrick Wisdom hits everything like he means to send it into Lake Michigan, when he doesn’t strike out, and how about the long awaited arrival of Ian Happ?

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Cubs fans are remarkably loyal, good years and bad. They deserve an appropriate effort from their beloved Cubbies. Come on, boys, these are the Pirates for gosh sakes, are you going to be content to let them occupy a place in the division ahead of you? Not for long.