Spooky season: 5 scariest days of the 2021 Chicago Cubs season

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#1. July 30: The Chicago Cubs core is officially dismantled

The combustion of the Chicago Cubs roster was in full bloom by this morning. We’ve already seen moves prior to this day: Joc Pederson to Atlanta, Andrew Chafin to Oakland, Ryan Tepera to the White Sox. The latest move  stung the most though, which was World Series champion and unofficial captain Anthony Rizzo to the evil empire Yankees. We as Cubs fans knew more was coming, we just didn’t know what or when yet. All we knew was if something was going to happen, it would by 4 PM.

The first was closer Craig Kimbrel to the White Sox, the second Cubs bullpen piece to head to the South Side of the week. It was tough to see a great arm leave, but there was not as much attachment as some other guys. Plus, everyone knew that was a movable piece.

Then, it started to sting. Around 2:00 local time, it was reported and confirmed that right-hander Trevor Williams and star infielder Javier Baez were headed to New York to join the Mets. Another guy wanting to stay with the Cubs in Baez was traded away for a young asset. The Cubs were dealing, but at this point it was still unclear if it was over or not. Did they get enough to keep and reconcile with Kris Bryant? Nothing was for certain until about three minutes before the deadline.

Bryant was indeed on the move and headed to San Francisco. The dismantling of the Chicago Cubs was complete, and the eyes of the front office were set towards the future. In less than twenty-four hours, Cubs fans said goodbye to three players you would trade anything to keep for life. Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo all homered in their first games with their new teams. Bryant and Rizzo made the playoffs. All three are now free agents and seeking their next home.

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In hindsight, it was smart for the Cubs to receive compensation for losing three top tier players, but it does not make it sting any less. Nothing says any one of these three could not rejoin the Cubs as soon as next season, but this was easily the spookiest day of the season, and maybe even in franchise history.