5 underperforming Chicago Cubs who need to improve to stick around

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Five Chicago Cubs that need to get it together – #1: Willson Contreras

Contreras tops this list simply because he has had the most success out of anybody left on the team. The World Series champion and two-time All-Star is currently having his worst year at the plate, slashing just .226/.333/.417, down from his career mark of .258/.348/.455.

Contreras is the sole remaining All-Star caliber position player remaining on the Cubs. He has openly stated he hopes for an extension and would be happy for the Cubs to rebuild around him. Given the fact that 2021 has been his only far below average year, coupled with the fact that he has a cannon for an arm with the most pick-offs by a catcher since being called up in 2016, I would extend him in a heartbeat if I’m Jed Hoyer.

All-Star backstops do not come along often; his heart and fiery passion to win is invaluable to any team. Many times Contreras has stepped up in the clutch or single handedly shifted the momentum in Wrigley Field with a big swing of the bat or a play behind the plate.

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It is unlikely he will continue to struggle at the plate, but the fact that he is underperforming with only a year left on his contract is the scary part. As we’ve seen this year, the front office isn’t keen on extending players they view as underperforming. To be fair, you can’t extend a player based on past success. However, Contreras has a lot of it. Hopefully, he will right his wrongs at the plate before it’s too late and the front office does something they will be sure to regret.