Willson Contreras ‘likes’ David Kaplan’s post dissing the Chicago Cubs

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In a recent Instagram post by David Kaplan two days ago, venting his frustrations toward the Chicago Cubs and the direction the team has headed this year, he calls the team a “civic embarrassment”.

The most interesting part of the post was not the post itself, it was the fact that multiple screenshots showed it was initially ‘liked’ by the Cubs’ own catcher Willson Contreras.

Understandable given how painful to watch Chicago has become this season, but does this suggest Contreras is unhappy as a Cub, or just with the decisions the front office has made this year? Everybody knows Contreras is a competitor at heart, but liking a post ripping apart your team could suggest an overall state of unhappiness.

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On the flip side of that argument, you have Contreras openly stating he wants the Cubs to build around him and wants to be here for the long haul. You can only imagine the frustration of watching the guys you’ve become good friends with get traded away and have to start over with nothing, becoming a losing organization in the process. Especially when you’re a losing organization that has the financial means to not have to be.

Hopefully in this case, where there’s smoke there isn’t fire. Two things are for sure. Contreras wants to remain a Cub. Also, Contreras is not happy with where the team has headed this season. Though it’s unlikely anything will come of this, it does confirm that it’s not only just the fans that are angry at the front office for the moves they have made lately.

As the Cubs continue free-falling, now a staggering 18 1/2 games back with a record of 1-9 in their last 10 games, Contreras has every right to be angry. Especially when the front office hasn’t been honest with its fans regarding how much they actually tried to extend certain players before trading them away. Lying to a fanbase is the fastest way to lose trust and for Contreras or any player on the Cubs, it only raises concerns of who they themselves can trust anymore.

Chicago Cubs: Will things like this impact a Willson Contreras extension?

What does this mean for contract extension talks if you’re Jed Hoyer and Tom Ricketts? Are you unhappy with a player venting his frustrations about you, or does it make you understand that winning is what Contreras most desires and should be taken with a grain of salt?

Personally, I want to extend Contreras all the more because I know how passionate he is as a player and how much he cares about winning. Contreras gives it his all every time he steps onto the field. I love his fiery passion but hope airing his frustrations doesn’t hinder his future with the Chicago Cubs.

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Unfortunately, Contreras has landed on the IL with a sprained right knee. Thankfully, it is thought to be very minor and nothing serious that will have him miss an extended period of time. The Cubs need to lock up Contreras as soon as possible and do exactly what the All-Star catcher has said he wants them to do. Build around him.