Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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Chicago Cubs: Ranking this year’s City Connect uniforms

We have now taken a dive into each City Connect uniform we have seen in 2021. Seven teams in six cities were given the opportunity to begin a new era in MLB uniforms, and connect their respected fan groups and communities.

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As I’ve sort of alluded to during this journey, I started as a very grumpy traditionalist when I saw MLB was following in the footsteps of the NBA with this uniform movement. I thought (and still think to an extent) there are way too many uniforms out there. The NBA has at least five per team now, and there is no order or organization in that. No team has a home or away uniform anymore, and sometimes they match the opposing team.

My fear was MLB also becoming too loose with structure in uniforms and the tradition and pastime of baseball would be tarnished for the remainder of my days. The world was essentially burning down.

But, as we’ve learned, that’s not the point.

Things eventually change, uniforms change, the teams even change. Change can be a good and welcoming thing. These uniforms mean something to the cities and communities they are targeted to, that’s the point. MLB is trying to grow the game anyway they can and baseball needs growth.

I would absolutely trade adding a couple new looks for not changing the rules…

That all being said, some of these are terrible and it is my job and duty (given to myself) to honestly and objectively power rank these looks and I will do that right now.

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*As a homer with a heavy bias towards the Chicago Cubs, I will not be including them in the power rankings. This is called honest journalism. (Even though they are easily #1)*

  1. Chicago White Sox
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. Miami Marlins
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks
  5. San Francisco Giants
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers