5 Chicago Cubs MLB trade deadline chips whose value is skyrocketing

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5 Chicago Cubs whose trade value is skyrocketing: 2 – Brad Wieck

Though currently on the 10 day IL with an irregular heartbeat since July 9, I’m not sure why people aren’t talking more about Brad Wieck.

In 17 innings pitched, Wieck’s ERA sits at a perfect 0.00. That includes facing teams like San Diego, multiple outings against Milwaukee, the first-place San Francisco Giants, etc.

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Wieck is much like Maples in regards to his contract. He doesn’t hit free agency until 2026. He also still has another full year before even reaching arbitration. His cost for 2021? $570,500. It just doesn’t get much more club friendly for a guy that dominates every time he steps on the mound.

I understand two… three, four outings of lights-out work but 17 innings in 15 appearances is saying something now. With a 14.9 K/9, or 28 Ks in 17 innings, it makes you look twice.

So again, here we have a dominant arm with years of team control remaining. I don’t expect every single one of these young solid arms to be traded, nor should they be. Although, I do think it would be a solid move to put together at least one strong trade package with one of our pending free agent all stars to land a top prospect in the league.

Think about putting together a package for Vladimir Guerrero three years ago before he even got called up. His price tag would have been high but look at what Vladdy is doing for Toronto now.

These are the caliber prospects I would be thrilled to see Jed go after. The ball players that are the stars of tomorrow. A fresh new core.

Last on our list we leave you with Mr. “Well, obviously,” but there are many reasons he is #1.