Chicago Cubs: A Javier Baez trade within the division could change everything

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: You need high-level talent coming back in trades

Other trade proposals project Baez for a plethora of prospects and although well-stated, they seem like more of rebuilding scenarios to me, where as Jed has stated he is simply looking to re-tool.

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Therefore, if I were running the show, I would have no problem adding a prospect of my own, along with Baez, in a trade to go after the bigger fish prospect-wise. This type of transaction could be viewed both as Chicago selling while buying simultaneously. To re-tool in this sense means to do so quickly. Getting a starting pitcher that is nearing big-league-ready on a team that desperately needs a new and improved rotation moving forward in order to “re-tool” and once again contend every year such as the Chicago Cubs, makes perfect sense.

Though the Reds might be reluctant at first to dump their number two prospect for a just rental in Baez, adding in the right secondary player to fit another one of Cincinnati’s needs might make it all the more enticing if you’re Reds GM Nick Krall.

How aggressive will Cincinnati be? Unfortunately we will have to wait 10 days to find out. Hoyer seems to have tunnel vision in regards to both spending low while improving the team as much as possible moving forward. A fine plan indeed.

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The fact is, whatever happens, we all fell in love with this core and we will fall in love with the next one. Bring on the change so we can get back to smashing every team in our way in route to a World Series.