Who will be the first Chicago Cubs player traded ahead of the deadline?

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Chicago Cubs / Kris Bryant
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Chicago Cubs: Could Atlanta be a possible destination now?

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As noted, Atlanta might be looking for an outfielder after the injury to Ronald Acuna, so Kris Bryant could be a possible option there as well. Heck, Atlanta could be looking for a package deal with Bryant and Kimbrel if they can swing it at this point.

The Cubs also have Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo who are in the last year of contracts, and who knows how much market interest there will be for those two. Baez can play pretty much anywhere and certainly has a flair for the dramatic – if a club loses a shortstop, second baseman, or even third baseman in the next week or two, that could be a quick deal. Rizzo plays Gold-Glove-caliber first base and gives you a professional at bat with pop- as we’ve (unfortunately) seen recently, teams are one injury away from making him all the more coveted.

As for the guys who don’t have an expiring contract this year, don’t expect a quick sale there. Willson Contreras and Kyle Hendricks, two guys who should be held out of this fire sale, could also command huge returns, though the Cubs might want to let those returns pile up all the way to the deadline given the fact they don’t have to be moved this year if the plan is to be competitive next season.

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Regardless who is traded first and last, you can expect this to be the busiest sell-off and trade deadline since before the window of contention opened, and while it may be tough to see some of these guys dealt, the hope is that they bring back a return that puts the Cubs back in contention sooner rather than later.