Cubs have no choice but to be buyers at the trade deadline

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The Chicago Cubs have been a tough team to figure out so far this season but it seems as if they are starting to hit their stride. The series with the Cardinals showed us they have the tools to compete for the NL Central title and there is no reason they shouldn’t. With the potential this group is starting to show, the front office should reward them by becoming buyer’s at the trade deadline.

The Cubs offense has really kicked it into gear over the past 30 days and have the fourth-best team average during that span at .257. With all the criticism they faced at the beginning of the year it’s been awesome to see them really come on and start to prove their worth.

Even the pitching staff has come on as of late and currently rank 15th with a team ERA of 4.09. We know the struggles the starting rotation has faced but we are finally starting to see some positive regression which has really helped this team as a whole.

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We all know about the dominance of the bullpen as well, as that seems to be the team’s biggest strength at this point in the season. This group has an ERA of 3.10 that currently ranks fourth in all of baseball.

With this team hovering around .500, they’ve shown us the pieces are there to compete with the best. There are glaring holes on each team in this division and the Cubs have the opportunity to close theirs and take control.

Chicago has shown us enough where the front office owes them a few pieces at this year’s trade deadline. Many have thought heading into this season they would be heavy sellers but they are trying to flip the script and I believe they are successfully doing so.

Guys like Joc Pederson, Adbert Alzolay, Matt Duffy and Tommy Nance have been key contributors and have really stepped up for this group. If Jed Hoyer can find another diamond in the rough this team can take another step.

Cubs: Shoring up the starting rotation is the top priority

The biggest need is obviously in the rotation and there is an opportunity to add another starter. When we look at the division leading Cardinals, they have issues in their rotation as well and If the Cubs can clean up their end of things, they will put themselves at a significant advantage. The Cardinals currently rank 11th with a starter ERA of 3.72 while the Cubs sit at 26th with an ERA of 4.88.

St. Louis sits at 17th in baseball with a .235 team average, not too far behind but the Cubs offense has proven to be better so far. If we can add an arm or two to strengthen the staff, I truly believe once July rolls around we will be considered the favorites to win this division.

With a Top-10 bullpen and offense, the playoff potential is there. We have to think the Cardinals will add starting pitching as well so Hoyer has to hold on to his guys and add, at the least. Names like Matt Boyd, German Marquez, Jose Quintana and Dylan Bundy are a few that come to mind that we could see on the move at this deadline and could be a nice fit for this roster.

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It remains to be seen the position the front office will be in come the trade deadline in July and a lot can happen until then. David Ross and his guys needs to keep the foot on the gas because performance in this next month will decide the future of this roster. The pieces are there and it would be a grave disappointment if Hoyer and his front office don’t look to add.