3 unexpected Cubs who will be traded this season

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Cubs: A Willson Contreras trade would tell us all we need to know

For me personally, despite the pretty regular trade rumors surrounding Willson Contreras this past offseason, a trade of the All-Star catcher during the 2021 season would really surprise me.

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Chicago stands to lose its entire offensive core outside of Contreras – making him a logical building block for the future. Without him – and without Bryant, Rizzo and Baez – we’re talking about a complete, tear it down to the studs rebuild. Which might be exactly what this Cubs team needs at this point.

With one year of team control remaining and his standing as one of the premier players at his position, Contreras is – without a doubt – the Cubs’ most valuable player. He’s capable of changing the game with his bat, glove or his energy alone, as we’ve seen countless times over the years.

If there’s a contender who feels their one weak spot is behind the dish, Chicago needs to pick up the phone and hear what they have to say. Because trading Contreras is sure to bring back the best return and, as much as it would hurt in the short-term, with Miguel Amaya waiting in the wings, it might be one of the quickest ways to turn over this roster with an eye toward the future.

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Barring the Cubs playing Dodgers-level baseball the rest of the first half, I don’t think there’s any chance the team isn’t sellers. But seeing them go all-in and trade a Hendricks or Contreras would be a clear indication the organization is ready to go in a new direction under Hoyer.