Chicago Cubs fans not as drunk as you think they are

(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

For whatever reason – probably the stories from the glory days of the Bleacher Bums – Chicago Cubs fans seem to have this stigma attached to them. That the only reason they go to Wrigley Field is to drink in the summer sun.

Now, I partake in my fair share of ice-cold Bud Lights in the bleachers. I can’t wait to get back at feel the sun and take that first sip as I find my typical spot in the left-center bleachers on a Friday afternoon. But a recent fan survey from NJOnlineGambling indicated Cubs fans are nowhere near the booziest fans in baseball. 

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In fact, the Wrigley Field faithful ranked right in the middle of the pack – 15th overall – consuming approximately 3.4 beers per game. There wasn’t a whole lot of pregaming for Cubs fans and really, no concerning trends to be pulled out of the survey.

Sox fans outdrink Cubs fans – and pretty much everyone else, too

The booziest fans in baseball are from Chicago, though. That’s right. South Side fans drink more beer, on average, than any other fanbase in baseball, at 4.2 beers per game. Nearly one in two White Sox fans reported missing some of the game because of drinking, too – again, the tops among the 30 MLB fanbases.

Sox fans are big pre-gamers, too. Which makes sense. It’s so easy to drive to Guaranteed Rate Field, park in the lots and get the party started pre-first pitch. At Wrigley (and thus, in Wrigleyville), parking isn’t a thing really – and pregaming can get pricey if you start hitting up the bar scene.

In a post-pandemic world, at least initially, I don’t think I’ll really care about what my bar tab is the first time we can fill the Confines with 40,000 plus on a sunny afternoon. To be able to be back at the greatest place on earth with friends and family and take a deep breath – a true deep breath – in a world where we’re not all battling anxiety and stress related to the pandemic?

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That’s all anyone can ask for right now.