Cubs aren’t giving me anything at all to be excited about right now

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Cubs rumors will run rampant for pretty much the next year

In addition to those the Cubs have already let go or lost, there’s also the persistent trade rumors regarding Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, and now even Yu Darvish. No one could possibly convince me the Cubs would be a better ballclub in 2021 by trading away Darvish or Contreras. It would also be hard to do so about the former MVP Bryant if he is healthy this coming season.

Perhaps Chicago is trying to trade off some high-priced pieces to try and reload for a new window of contention, but if that’s the case, they’re better off getting rid of pretty much everyone and doing a full rebuild.

And, seeing as that’s the trend of where we’re going with the Cubs so far this offseason (and the fact we haven’t signed any noteworthy position players since Jason Heyward in 2015), I’m not excited for that. I don’t want a rebuild. Not that I wanted to run it back with the exact same club from 2020, but why aren’t the Cubs keeping their core intact and adding other pieces to complement it?

If they don’t believe in the core, then get rid of them and tear it down. There can’t be this vacillating though as it’s gotten exhausting for fans. Act like a big-market perennial winner, or just let your fans know there’s a new process to get behind and get excited about.

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If the trades or dumps start happening, I guess we’ll have our very obvious answer from Hoyer, and to be honest, I can get behind that more than going halfway. Right now though, the lack of excitement is palpable from Cubs fans and it won’t pick up or change until the club starts making some more tough decisions.