Cubs aren’t giving me anything at all to be excited about right now

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Cubs offseason to-date? Subtraction, subtraction, subtraction

Among many questions Jed Hoyer will have to answer as the new man in charge is pretty huge: what’s the real goal for the 2021 team? If he says to win a World Series, someone should tell him that the Dodgers are a lot better than the Cubs right now and he should start making some moves pronto.

I can admit that I wasn’t a fan of the non-tendering of Schwarber earlier this month, but if the club feels they can do better with a different or cheaper player after the terrible month of September the big lefty had, I can at least acknowledge that it’s a practical decision. If it was done for purely pecuniary reasons, then there is no leg to stand on in any “we’re trying to win argument.”

Losing Lester is something most expected anyhow, as the 36-year-old is now in the twilight of his career as a big league starter. However, if money were no issue, wouldn’t they bring back a guy who could have a tremendous impact on some of the young arms expected to arrive at Wrigley in the next couple years?

Isn’t a guy who had seven good starts, two mediocre ones, and three terrible starts in a crazy shortened half season worth bringing back as a fifth guy in the rotation? Especially given his pedigree and what he’s done for the organization?