Chicago Cubs: Five reasons the Cubs never became a dynasty

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Chicago Cubs
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The Cubs were supposed to become a dynasty … but that never came to be.

Funny things happen on the way to where you think you’re going. One day, everything is perfect and going your way, and the next… well, life tends to throw you lemons, sometime even pelting you right in the head.

For the Chicago Cubs, all seemed right in the world after the 2016 season. They had the perfect manager, an unparalleled core of youngsters, a veteran rotation and ownership willing to spend money on the field for talent and on the stadium (and surroundings) itself.

Most Cubs fans would tell you that breaking the curse and winning in 2016 was enough, and surely, it was a fabulous feeling and cathartic experience for many. Yet, when true fans are honest with themselves, there’s no way they saw the next four years going the way they did. While it’s tough to be disappointed with 90+ win seasons and trips to the postseason in all but one year during this “window of contention,” I’m sure that frustration and disappointment are exactly the feelings most folks hold looking back. And now, it seems that at least part of that core will not be around and maybe more will be joining Kyle Schwarber elsewhere before the offseason is over.

So, without further ado, here are the five reasons the Cubs never achieved that coveted dynasty status despite all the potential and ability to get there.