Chicago Cubs: Ranking the top five Kyle Schwarber moments

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Chicago Cubs: I miss this kind of celebration…

I missed this one by one day and I’m so annoyed about it. As a displaced Cubs fan, I don’t get a chance to get back to Wrigley as much as I’d like, but I did get there for a few games in 2019. I got to see the entire weekend series against the Pirates on July 12-14, a sweep coming right after the All-Star break. I saw the Monday night game against the Reds, but had plans to go out to Carson’s Ribs on Tuesday night. Big mistake. Should have done that on Monday to skip the loss to the Reds and then gone to the bleachers for Tuesday night’s game.

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Adorned in their 1969 home jerseys, the Cubs played to a scoreless 3-3 tie through regulation that night. In the 10th with one out, however, that all ended with a boom. Schwarber shot a 1-1 96 MPH fastball from Reds fireball closer Raisel Iglesias the other way into the basket in left field for an epic walk-off.

This was also the epic “Mai Tai guy” ball-snatching episode that many made a big deal of because an adult who regularly frequents the bleachers reached over a couple kids to snatch the demolished husk of a ball out of the basket

While this one didn’t have the same feel as the postseason moments, a walk-off jack is still… well, a walk-off jack. And this one was awesome with the retro unis and celebration at the plate (and in the stands) in the heart of a beautiful Chicago summer. Oh, and even though I didn’t get to see it from the stands, I did get to celebrate it at a local establishment with other Cubs fans.