Chicago Cubs: Top four landing spots for Kyle Schwarber

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Chicago Cubs: The pride of Middletown, Ohio

As rough as it would be to see Schwarber go to one of the AL East juggernauts, at least Cubs fans wouldn’t have to deal with it very often. Sure, it might be tough to swallow if he goes to either place and mashes, but it’s not going to have much direct impact on games the Cubs play since they won’t be playing often.

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You can throw all that out the window if Schwarber would go to a team in the NL Central. While part of me almost hopes this is exactly what happens, it would be too much to bear and watch if he’s launching bombs against the Cubs 19 times a year. While I’m not sure I see this happening in Pittsburgh, St. Louis or Milwaukee, I could absolutely see Schwarber choose to sign with Cincinnati.

In case you didn’t know or weren’t listening to any of the Cubs games against the Reds the past six seasons, Schwarber is the pride of Middletown, Ohio and his family has deep roots in the area. With Middletown just 37 miles up I-75 from Cincinnati, it’s hard to believe Schwarber wouldn’t consider a homecoming of sorts with the Reds if they were so willing.

Considering the damage he’s inflicted on them, some of the comparisons to the cerebral Joey Votto, and their need for more offense, it’s hard to believe this isn’t at least a possibility. Schwarber could play left field at Great American Ball Park or DH if it’s available in the National League right in front of family and friends on a regular basis. Should this come to fruition, I wouldn’t even root against him when playing the Cubs.