Cubs News: The core is undecided upon COVID-19, MLB uncertainty

Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Cubs and the World Series being over its time to ‘retool.’ But what do they do with the ‘Core Four’?

The Chicago Cubs have Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Kyle Schwarber–or the ‘Core Four’ as they have been deemed. Will they hold on to them, or maybe deal two or three of them? And the COVID-19 pandemic has been an issue.

A 60 game schedule, followed by a 16-team playoff–that the Cubs got eliminated by the Miami Marlins. What if they can’t do a 162 game schedule? 82 game? 60? The league lost A LOT of money not having fans, and they can’t have that again.

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Signing the Core Four isn’t ‘parked in the garage.’ But it’s highly unlikely it’s not going to get done. I’d say they trade ONE of them–maybe Schwarber–but keep the rest. Then, see if you can sign Baez, Bryant or Rizzo to an extension or a deal. But if you can’t, they can walk after the season. And that does not paint a pretty picture. Can you imagine seeing Baez in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform? Blegh.

President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, eluded to that the other day. He said the 29 other teams are in a similar spot didn’t help.

"“The only thing I can acknowledge is that we’re in a period of great uncertainty,” Epstein said. “That’s industrywide and also as far as our organization goes. We know what our losses were this year. We don’t know what our revenues are going to be next year. We don’t know how many fans we’re going to be able to have and at different points in the season. h/t Russell Dorsey, Chicago Sun-Times"

And the great uncertainty of debt, Rob Manfred said, was going to be the most significant factor. They have had some uncertainty and laid off some business and staff personnel since the season finished up.

The Cubs had eight players declare for free agency, including Jon Lester and Jeremy Jefferess. Lester was due a $25 million option, which they would decline. And Jeffress was a free agent, but they have to sign him for the greater good.

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The core, Lester and Jeffress, even Schwarber, will need some time to figure it out. Personally, Lester can get it done. He takes the $10 million buyout, signs for $4 million, plus incentives. But that’s just me.