Cubs News: Are players upset with the front office and ownership?

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Chicago Cubs: Rizzo makes a ton of sense as extension candidate

If I’m sitting here writing this, and fans are talking about it, you know for a fact the players have had the same thoughts cross their minds, especially someone like Bryant.

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The same goes for players like Baez and Rizzo who rarely take a day off (unless they get injured) and risk it all to help their team win. I would imagine how frustrating it would be for these players who dedicate everything they have to this organization and still not getting a long-term commitment in return.

Not to mention, playing during the pandemic of the 2020 season where they struggled mightily. Now they most likely won’t get paid as much as they would have a few seasons ago, while literally risking their own health to play.

I understand why the team would be a little hesitant to extend certain players, but to not even secure Rizzo for the long haul is mind boggling.

Aside from his leadership, he’s statistically been the most consistent Cub to-date.

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Of course, it is unlikely you will ever publicly hear a complaint out of this group. They are the type of players who keep their heads down and will continue going to work because if it’s not the Cubs, some other team is going to take care of them financially.