Cubs News: Are players upset with the front office and ownership?

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs need to act like a big-market organization

The only problem is Bryant’s value and production have taken a huge dip, and the same can be said about the other players on the team who will soon be hitting the free agent market.

As a club that plays in one of the largest financial market’s in the league, you would think spending money to help increase the chances of winning the World Series would be an afterthought.

Sure the Cubs can choose to play moneyball like the A’s or Rays and hope it gets them another title. However, the difference is those teams have no choice other than to piece together a roster with whatever nickels and dimes they have laying around.

After all, the owners of the Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox don’t seem to be looking in their couch cushions for spare change these days. You’re telling me the Cubs – mind you with a brand-new TV network (Marquee Sports), new hotels, parking lots, restaurants, etc, all of a sudden have no money to spend? I’m not a numbers guy by any means, but I just don’t see how that adds up.