Chicago Cubs News: Willson Contreras belongs here

Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras has a place here. I know that he’s been discussed in trade talks, but his spot is here in Chicago.

The Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras has two more years before he reaches free agency. Can the team extend him and get four or five more from him? He was involved in trade talks–but that seems to be out of the question. Now, he seems to be in the big picture for the Cubs.

You’d never know it, but he made his debut with the Cubs in 2016. He’s 28 now, with five seasons with the team. Jon Lester had some glowing–and parting?–praise for Contreras during the two games against the Marlins.

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"“Willy’s grown up a lot,” Lester said. “I think people forget he just started catching. When I say just started catching, in the grand scheme of things, Rossy (manager David Ross) caught for pretty much his whole life. Willy was an infielder up until not that long ago. h/t Mike McGraw, Daily Herald"

He just started catching in Boise in 2012. He’s got the energy to play the field, but he’s right here at home with home. When he came up with the Cubs in 2016, he played left field and first base when Joe Maddon was there. Since Ross came aboard, he’s a designated hitter and catcher–that’s it.

"“If we’re talking about individually, I’d say I’m going to walk out of here with a big smile on my face,” Contreras said after the playoff finale. “I’m going to talk out of here with my head up because every day I play 100 percent, I gave my team the best.”"

He hit his career-worst .243, but it was balanced by an OPS of .763 because of walks and hit by pitches, a career-best 14–and it was 57 games he played. And in the Marlins series, he was hit three times in two games.

Lester said it best when he summed it up for the writers.

"“He’s just done a really good job, not only with me but with our whole staff.”"

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Two years, they have to get something done with Contreras. I think they will. He hits the ball hard, although the batting average doesn’t reflect that. But still, the OPS+ is solid and the OBP is, too. I’m guessing Contreras and the Cubs will get it done.