Chicago Cubs News: Can they rebound from a poor stint?

Ian Happ (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Ian Happ (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

From the fantastic start of the season to a tough last 10 games, will the Chicago Cubs will themselves back to the team they were?

After last night’s abysmal loss to the crosstown rivals, the Chicago Cubs need to step back and look at the bigger picture. The team was rolling through every series a week ago, and now it seems as though the speed bump was finally hit.

Not only is offensive production low, but it’s also weak from the guys the team should be able to rely on. The players that are producing are the ones fans never expected it from coming into the season.

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Right now, the only reason the Cubs are still four games ahead in the NL Central is because of the teams lights out pitching in the first third of the season. And the fact that Ian Happ is making a name for himself and in the talks for the NL MVP.

The reality is they need the guys they usually count on to step up. But Kris Bryant got hurt after looking like he may finally have been getting comfortable again.

Bryant’s production was terrible at the start of the season and finally looked to be coming around before he got hurt making a diving play in Cleveland. Javier Baez has turned into what Alfonso Soriano was to Cub fans in the batter’s box.

He could make the flashy plays on defense, but when it comes to offense, the strike zone is all over the place, and he is swinging at almost everything. Willson Contreras is the last guy who hasn’t been so great this season in the box. But he has been getting on base, and that’s the only thing keeping those numbers up for him.

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But there have been some unexpected “heroes” of this season. Happ has changed something in his approach and looks fantastic the way he has been hitting this season. Jason Kipnis is right behind him, proving himself as a good trade even late in his career. And Jason Heyward has also been producing a lot on the offensive side of the ball for the Cubs this season.

Will the Cubs be able to turn around this little stint of poor batting? Or will this plague us for the rest of the season?