Chicago Cubs: Five best options for designated hitter

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Chicago Cubs
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With talk of an agreement including the DH for 2020, it’s imperative the Cubs use the spot wisely.

While the 2020 baseball season may be taking a circuitous and inexorable path around the nether regions of one of the most giant toilet bowls you’ve ever imagined, there is still hope that baseball will be played this calendar year. It may be a long shot, and it may be contrary to logic at this point, but hope does spring eternal, right?

If- and I realize that’s a colossal sized if at this moment- the 2020 season engages in any way, shape, or fashion, it seems likely that all of the games will feature a DH. Whether this is the owners, players, or MLB at work here doesn’t matter; what matters is that it seems as though the DH will be part of the package, and the Senior Circuit will be forever altered.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that the Cubs can maximize this position to their benefit, as not all clubs will be able to do so without notice and as presently constructed. The Cubs, however, have had an extra hitter sitting around on the bench for most of the Maddon era.