Chicago Cubs: MLB owners’ myopia could destroy baseball

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Chicago Cubs: Hard fought progress could be lost

If baseball stays out of the public eye for too long, it will never regain what it once had. In fact, after taking 14 years to bring the game back from the grave following the strike of 1994, MLB attendance figures have dropped consistently since 2008.

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With more options for fans to spend their money on and less interest in the game, MLB has become exceedingly myopic about its revenue because of its still-massive TV deals. However, if the younger generation is turned off to the game, those are fans baseball will never get back.

So, while the attendance trends may not affect the bottom line as much because of the enormity of the current media rights deals, make no mistake- baseball needs every fan and every goodwill story it can get. While the players are always part of the algebra and decision making process in regards to contractual issues, this one isn’t on them at this point.

If the owners allow the 2020 season to be scrapped over roughly $10 million, they’ll find their myopia irrevocably costing the game a lot more in 2030 or 2040.

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Let’s hope the players and/or owners can figure this thing out before we have to wait another year or two for baseball to return- because I don’t think that’s what anybody wants, quite frankly.