Chicago Cubs: Five realistic MLB draft day targets

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have an array of choices when it comes to the number 16th overall pick. The question remains: which direction will they go?

As we inch ever closer to the Chicago Cubs draft day, the heat is beginning to pick up, and teams have a vital road ahead of how to navigate their future successfully. It has been discussed before how difficult it can be for organizations to make the “right” pick. Many times it is a crapshoot. Remember: Mike Trout saw 24 other prospects selected in front of him.

By its very nature, the MLB first-year player draft excels in that way. Having the number one overall pick does not guarantee you a superstar, just like having the 29th pick does not mean a team won’t find talent.

The Chicago Cubs have the 16th overall pick in this year’s draft. We did a piece on “dream” scenarios for the Cubs, noting the top ten talent that probably remains unreachable. Here are five ‘realistic’ draft day scenarios for the Cubs to bring it back down to earth.