Chicago Cubs: Five MLB draft day ‘dream’ scenarios

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The MLB first-year player draft is just around the corner, and the Chicago Cubs have the 16th overall pick.

Happy draft month!

The arrival of June has been a tornado stacked on a tsunami in the middle of an earthquake. Protests are happening across the country, and the world is still in the middle of a national pandemic. While sports are still on hold for the foreseeable future, there is one thing baseball fans can look forward to — the MLB Draft.

Disappointingly, however, is the nature of the actual draft itself. As a result of the effects the novel coronavirus has unceremoniously dropped at our doorstep, this year’s amateur staple with consist of only five rounds, down from the usual forty rounds.

For those who go undrafted, teams will have just $20,000 as a max bonus. As a caveat for organizations, this leaves the possibility of acquiring top talent on the cheap, although it poses a disadvantage to draft prospects. While the likelihood the Cubs can land a top ten talent remains low, there are still our “dream” scenarios that we wish could play out.