Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish and MLB players finally disappoint fans

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Chicago Cubs: Korean baseball is honorable and shaming MLB players

Whether you agree or not, America has opened up on many levels. At some point, you can’t sit in the closet when the rest of America is working every day and say it’s too dangerous for me. That excuse is only going to last until the first player takes the field, and in places like Korea, they are making fools of American baseball players.

These guys in Korea aren’t even making close to what MLB players are making, and they are out there doing what they love and giving back to their country, people and the whole world. It may be America’s favorite pastime, but Korea is showing what true love for this ‘American’ sport is. MLB players have the chance to make a difference but are listening to their agents who won’t let them play ball.

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“What if you get hurt during this short season? You ‘ll be screwed,” is the typical line from agents and not much more is needed.

Like mindless pawns being led about by purse strings, MLB players will sit in the proverbial ‘dugout’ and watch America open up. People will be going to concerts, plays, movies, and maybe they will figure out safety measures so fans could attend golf tournaments and more. MLB players will sit and pout with their agents all summer until the National Football League begins their games in August.

At that point (August), you may finally see enough shame that MLB will come back for a month or two. Perhaps I’m giving MLB players more credit than they deserve, they may still be ‘too scared’ to return.

When everything’s open, and you’re still closed, fans begin to wonder about the actual character and quality of our American and National Leagues? Maybe it’s too much honor for them to even use those names (American and National) for their league.

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Of course, if we don’t see baseball this season, then I hope every player doesn’t see one red cent of their salary either if they can’t find it in their souls to play the greatest game in the world, during a historical crisis, for less money? Than they don’t deserve the honor to play professional ball for America.

If you’re scared, say you’re scared.

The honesty would be refreshing, and then maybe we can get on with it as heroes do.