Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish and MLB players finally disappoint fans

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Chicago Cubs
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Much of America has opened up – like it or not. Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish contends it isn’t safe to play, and he’s taking all the risk.

Its Memorial Day weekend, when, according to Google, we honor the men and women who died while serving in the military. This year I would go a step beyond and say we are honoring those who have given their lives on the front line fighting this pandemic. Because of their sacrifice, America is beginning to heal and get back to work, except Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish and the rest of MLB.

Fans have grown to love Darvish this past season. Darvish was cast as one of those dudes from L.A. and never got a fair shake with the media until last season’s fantastic performance. Fans were beginning to come around, and by the time the season ended, Darvish had gained a lot of fans and followers on social media.  Overnight, Darvish had become a Chicago Cubs celebrity.

Fans want baseball back so badly they’re almost ready to be ‘Scab players’ so America can get back to the ballpark. Recent comments made by Darvish are pretty clear that the pitcher sees playing a game this season the same as risking his life. Amid America opening back up for business, is the multi-million dollar Cubs hurler exaggerating just a bit?