Chicago Cubs: Why COVID-19 will be a good thing for baseball

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With all the criticism over the years about baseball being too long and becoming dull, this pandemic should help everyone appreciate the game for what it is

It’s no question we are in trying times as a world, and it may seem like there aren’t very many positives that we can take from the situation we are all faced with. Many people rely on sports as an escape and are something that brings joy to them.

Now, with all of that on pause, we have to find other ways to fill that void, and it can be difficult for many to do so. Through all this mess, I believe we will all come out better on the other side. The game of baseball will become one that is much more appreciated by the world, and for the critics that have called for dynamic changes to the sport will learn to be grateful for having it at all.

Our society has taken a lot for granted over the years, and having the luxury of sports is something we don’t truly appreciate. The idea of not having the games and teams we love never crosses our minds, and we have become spoiled as a result. Fans boo their teams, only tune in when their team is experiencing success, get bored quickly, and find ways to critique the game even if there is nothing wrong with it.

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As we now experience a real pandemic, realizing what sports, especially baseball, means to us is becoming more apparent.  We don’t take time to realize this game that was invented in 1869 has blossomed into this incredible sport, with 30 professional teams across our country, providing fans and cities with a way to come together.

It’s no question our teams can drive us crazy sometimes and make us experience a roller coaster of emotions, but these are the feelings that make it worth being a fan. Not having that at all takes us away from those excellent yet sometimes gut-wrenching experiences.

The idea that baseball has become too long and that the MLB needs to find a way to ‘spice things up’ has gained some traction over the years. However, this pandemic will make us realize that having the opportunity to play and watch the game is more important than anything.

Getting to step into Wrigley Field on a Friday at 1:20, ordering a 312 with a hot dog, while watching a team that unites families, friends and a city together is way more important than the length of the game or how exciting things may get. Many will come to that realization once all of this is over.

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With reports of baseball working to schedule a return date, we look forward to a new era in which we are united in a way like never before. Hopefully, this return will place less emphasis on records and what isn’t done perfectly and focus more on what the game brings to us all. Good days are ahead, the future is bright, and baseball’s return could be the beginning of it all.