Cubs’ David Ross was supposed to start his managerial career Thursday

David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ David Ross was supposed to start his managerial career Thursday. The critique of it. It didn’t happen. So what’s next?

The Chicago Cubs’ David Ross was set to start his managerial career on Thursday. Because of the coronavirus, it didn’t happen. (See here.) So what next? At last count, they’re pushing season into November. By the way, I’m not a fan of that. Chicago in November? No thanks. Brrr.

So Ross was supposed to find how far Yu Darvish was to go. He also was presumed to limit Christian Yelich to a couple of hits. All this while Ross was opening at Miller Park. No small task. And especially since they had been 3-7 while at Miller Park? Terrible. So Ross was looking to change that. But how? It seems like he’s got the same team—the same players.

To be honest, Rossy hasn’t got to see every player. Albert Almora Jr. and Ian Happ were stuck in a battle for centerfield (Happ had the lead), but that’s irrelevant. He hadn’t seen Almora or Happ enough to pass judgment on them, and it hard when you haven’t seen them enough. Jason Kipnis, David Bote and Daniel Descalso were up for second base. Now, Ross doesn’t know what to do.

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The endless analysis for Ross won’t end here. In fact, it’ll go to the CODVIN-19 stops–whenever that is. And the Darvish and Kyle Hendricks issue?

Well, it wasn’t one. In the second half, Darvish finished with a 2.76 ERA, 118 strikeouts, seven walks in 81 2/3 innings.

Hendricks didn’t finish as well, but solid. He finished with a 4-3 record with a 3.42 ERA. He allowed 31 earned runs in 81 2/3 innings—sound, but way off of Darvish. So, to be honest? Darvish over Hendricks–hands down.

And Ross would speak of ‘set lineups’ and not the most favorable against a starting pitcher. The idea was to set the lineups a few days ahead instead of personnel wondering when they would get to start. To see how that works is another matter.

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So, what next? Ross doesn’t have endless analysis. Nope. He has urgency. To get the season started as soon as possible. He doesn’t have a choice. The league says they have hopes of having 140 or 150 minimum. That being said, that’s not likely. The schedule is being bumped till November. So 81 games? That sounds more like it. I’m just being honest.