Chicago Cubs fans need this I-94 Rivalry bobblehead


There’s no Opening Day for MLB. But Chicago Cubs fans can fill that void with a very cool I-94 Rivalry bobblehead from the Bobblehead Hall and FOCO. 

Today was supposed to be fun. Opening Day. Baseball would finally be back in full swing and we’d get to watch the Milwaukee Brewers host the Chicago Cubs in the I-94 Rivalry.

Instead, we’re battling with COVID-19, trying to stay healthy and safe. And because of that, we get no baseball.

But, there’s something that might help fill that void. At least for a little bit.

Check out this I-94 Rivalry bobblehead, featuring Bernie Brewer and Clark The Cub.

Bobblehead Hall of Fame
Bobblehead Hall of Fame /

Pretty cool, right?

Look, it might not be as valuable as toilet paper (sorry, that’s a bad joke), but it would be the perfect addition to your Fan Cave. Plus, if you’re like me, a little pick-me-up purchase today would be exactly what you need.

You can order yours today for just $60 and the Bobblehead Hall of Fame offers a flat-rate shipping fee of $8 (so now would be a good time to nab a few items).

They are manufactured by FOCO and stand about 8 inches tall. Each one comes numbered to 1,000.

Don’t wait. Baseball is coming. It might not be in April, it might not be in May, but it is coming back. Make sure you’ve got your bobblehead ready and waiting for Opening Day.

Stay safe and stay healthy, FanSiders!