Chicago Cubs: Top five games in the last 100 years

Cubs fan, 1988 (Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Cubs fan, 1988 (Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: A party 108 years in the making

1. Game 7 of the World Series 2016

The number one game in the last 100 years took place during Game Seven of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

The Cubs had been tearing it up all season and had finally made it to a Championship in 2016. The series had been a funny one for the Cubs who lost the opening away Game 1 and won the following away Game 2.  The Indians would rally and beat the Cubs in Games 3 and 4 in Wrigley Field before the Cubs won Game 5 in Wrigley Field and Game 6 away at Progressive Park. The Cubs tied the series (3-3) as they came into Game 7 at Progressive Park.

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Chicago scored right away in the first inning as the Cubs Dexter Fowler hit a leadoff home run against Indians ace pitcher Corey Kluber, becoming the first player to ever do such a feat in a World Series Game 7.

The Indians got that run back in the third inning, and the Cubs answered with two more runs in the top of the fourth and another two in the top of the fifth (5-1). The Indians added two of their own in the bottom of the fifth, bringing the score closer to striking distance (5-3). The Cubs added one more run in the top of the sixth (6-3).

No one would score until the Indians put up three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning and tied the game (6-6). No one scored in the ninth inning as Game 7 was about to go into extra innings when a cloudburst began to pour rain onto the field.

The umpires called for a delay. During that 17-minute rain delay, the Cubs’ right fielder Heyward called the first plyer meeting of the season and post-season. Heyward encouraged the young players to go out and take the Championship he felt the team deserved.

Invigorated by the player talk, in the top of the tenth inning the Cubs brought in two more runs off hits by left fielder Kyle Schwarber, utility player Ben Zobrist and replacement catcher, Miguel Montero to break the tie and go ahead (8-6) before moving to the bottom of the 10th.

Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. was called upon by manager Joe Maddon to finish the game, but after two strikeouts, Edwards walked the next batter and then got second base. In comes Indian outfielder Rajai Davis who hits one to centerfield and scores one coming around (8-7).

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The Cubs would call in pitcher Mike Montgomery to finish things up against Indian Michael Martinez, who grounded out to Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant as he threw to Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

Just like that, 108 years was washed away, and the Cubs became a viable club again in MLB. After 100 years, Game 7 of the 2016 World Series remains the Cubs’ best game ever.