Chicago Cubs: Top five most memorable ejections of all-time

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Chicago Cubs: There are few managers in recent MLB history more known for getting tossed than “Sweet Lou” Piniella.

It was a crazy ride to the postseason for the 2007 Chicago Cubs. As many fans remember, they started off very slow and eventually caught fire. This spark could arguably be traced back to June 2nd, 2007 at Wrigley Field. The Cubs lost this game, but what happened in the eighth inning that afternoon lit a fire under the butts of the North Siders.

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Facing the Atlanta Braves the Cubs trailed 4-3 in the eighth with Angel Pegan on second base with nobody out representing the tying run. A pitch that bounced off Braves catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia which sent Pegan running for third. It looked like Pegan would make it to third, but Saltalamacchia threw a strike to Yunel Escobar and he was called out on a very close play by umpire Mark Wegner. Pegan and coach Mike Quade expressed their displeasure to Wegner as Lou Piniella emerged from the dugout.

Piniella stormed toward Wegner, slammed his hat on the ground and began screaming right into the face of the much smaller umpire. Piniella then began kicking dirt onto Wegner’s shoes as umpire Bruce Froemming walked over to try to take control of the situation. Lou just got even angrier and kicked his hat like he was Bears great Robbie Gould kicking a football. The umpires tried to shove Piniella away as he continued to scream with his face bright red and veins bulging out.

"“There is is, number one. The first ejection as a Cubs manager,” said Len Kasper, the team’s play-by-play announcer."

Piniella was eventually suspended several games for his display, but it was awesome and well worth it. After this loss the Cubs would go 63-46 after starting 22-31 and would win the NL Central.

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As time goes on we will get many more great ejections, and they might top some of these. But no matter what these ejections will always be remembered by fans.