Chicago Cubs: Baseball could stop the spread of COVID-19

Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs:  Keeping the players safe – test them

Don’t be fooled fans; the owners have money enough to have their team, coaches and broadcast staff checked for COVID-19.

Len, Jim, Gracie… time to do your duty for baseball and journalism! Get tested gents!

Why not? If you test everyone and then make sure they are quarantined with their families at home when not playing – than everyone would be safe. This, of course, means the players’ families will have to be already living and working at home, which probably isn’t far off anyway. So now the entire group is clean –teams, the staff, players and families. They can all participate in this historic effort to keep America indoors and save the nation.

The government might even pay to test everyone since MLB is keeping America informed, educated and entertained. America’s favorite pastime becomes America’s source of relief. Now is not the time to cancel games. We need baseball now more than ever to take our minds off this just for a second and then teach us what we need to know to help our country survive.

Test the players, team, staff, broadcasters and families. Owners will have to their teams, drivers and handlers and it won’t be easy, I know – but think of the alternative? How can they not try in the face of a national crisis?

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MLB and owners should step up and volunteer for America; it’s your time to serve commissioner and all your people and all your organization.  America is counting on its favorite pastime to come through. Marquee Sports Network, Sinclair Broadcasting and Tom Ricketts have the chance to all be national heroes and start a new legacy better than WGN.  Someone needs to try.

Play ball!