Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant is the new “yes-man” for this team

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The Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant trade rumors have been the center of attention this offseason, but with more certainty with his future, he is ready to do it all for this team

Chicago Cubs fans held their breath for much of this offseason, as the thought of Kris Bryant not being at third base for this team in 2020 was that of a nightmare. Losing a class act and someone who has brought in so much hope and talent for this Cubs group would have been a very tough pill to swallow.

It’s safe to say that Bryant will be with this team to start the season, which comes with much excitement. As the former MVP gears up for his 2020 campaign, he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring this team back to its winning ways.

I, for one, am ecstatic to have Bryant still with this team. He is an incredible talent, and he embodies what a baseball player should be, not only on the field but off as well. He is someone that cannot be replaced and provides the untapped potential to a loaded Cubs group.

Bryant is set to be the leadoff man for this team this year, which may raise some eyebrows, but it just goes to show he is willing to do what it takes for this team to get back to the playoffs this year. No pitcher will want to start their outing off facing a player like Bryant, who will give you a professional at-bat every time he is up. With his career on-base percentage of .385, being the new man at the top for this team will hopefully fill the void Dexter Fowler has left once and for all.

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Having Bryant locked into third base, and the leadoff spot should go a long way for consistency. Joe Maddon was known for being consistently inconsistent, and while that may be a good thing for a young group, it makes it difficult for players to find a home and get comfortable in a particular spot.

With David Ross now at the helm, showcasing more consistency in terms of lineup and position cards should help the players focus in more on their day to day jobs. Investing in these young stars, development is crucial at this stage in the game, as we have seen a drop off in terms of improvement from some of our core. Having them dialed in to one role should benefit this group moving forward.

Bryant is a special player, and with the front office showcasing their belief in him, we are finally able to see the third baseman open up and show us what type of teammate and person he is. The Cubs have a ship they need to right and having someone like Bryant to lead the charge (literally) is something that should not be taken for granted.

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With a healthy Bryant at the helm, the Cubs have the potential to do what a lot of people don’t think they are capable of, make the playoffs, and turn things around. I believe in this team, and Bryant has shown that he is someone worth keeping around for the long run.