Chicago Cubs: Top 3 new Marquee-tech we’d love to see

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Chicago Cubs: Time to see the pounding up close with ‘Ivy-Cam’

Some of the best plays made by the Chicago Cubs are when the outfielders are tracking a fly ball, leap and catch it and then inevitably crash into the ivy in the outfield wall. If it’s early in the season, that crash can sound more like a crunch as players smash into the dry ivy around the outfield. Later in the season, a crisp crash is more likely as players extend into the green ivy for plays.

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Our number one tech idea is placing 360-degree cameras in various parts of the ivy around the outfield. The cameras could be set at about 7 feet in height and would capture all the action of crashing the ivy boards. In might not sound that spectacular, but when a half dozen cameras are picking up the action against the ivy in the outfield, it will be some dynamite footage.

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, MSN general manager Mike McCarthy said that anything is possible because of their partnership with Cubs president of baseball operations, Theo Epstein and the Cubs team.

"“It’s a partnership, and we definitely want his buy-in and we probably have it,” McCarthy said. “We worked closely with the team on micing players. We really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to bring perspectives on the Cubs to the viewers that they may not have been able to get before.”"

The only other excellent tech idea although a bit akin to Chicago Blackhawks fans  (okay, you’re getting four for the price of three) might be immediate interviews with Cubs players right after a pitch has hit them.

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As soon as a Cub makes it to a microphone and headset in the dugout, there’s got to be an immediate interview. Trust me; this is a 1 million percent guaranteed Marquee hit (no pun intended).  The raw emotions are bound to come through, and who knows what will happen? I know it’s a pretty crazy tech idea but a sure… success. Hey, you can even call it “Cubs Pitch-Session.”

We’ll see what new tech ideas MSN will pull out of its bag of tricks. So far, the enthusiasm, quality, and let’s face it, the heart – seems to be in all of the products MSN is producing – and that’s good for the fans.