Chicago Cubs may start Yu Darvish for the opener

Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs Yu Darvish may make the Opening Day start because of his excellent second-half finish.

The Chicago Cubs Yu Darvish is lining up for the Opening Day start. He had an excellent finish to the year finishing with 118 strikeouts 81 2/3 innings with a 2.76 ERA in the second half. It’s possible that Jon Lester could take that. But he’s been slipping as of late, allowing 205 hits and a 4.46 ERA. He needs to get that under four if he needs to be an option for an Opening Day starter.

Darvish, however, had a magnificent second half. After having a disgraceful year the first half, he turned it on. Averaging a 2.27 K/9 ratio, he turned it up to a 16.96. After walking 49 batters in 97 innings, he walked seven–seven–in 81 2/3 innings. That’s impressive no matter you carve it.

Darvish had the highest in BB/9 (0.77), BABIP (.272), xFIP (2.37) and WAR (2.5) in the second half.  The latter half, including Lester, needs to see Darvish start. It’s no question that he should start, only David Ross will let him.

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Ross never caught Darvish. So he’s unfamiliar with him. That will be the deciding factor in this plotline. If he doesn’t know him, but he does Lester? Tsk, tsk.

Speaking of Ross, he got a ‘day off’ of coaching. In fact, he got two. After missing the first two days of coaching after giving a speech of Kris Bryant to ‘run through a wall’ for him? He missed the calling for it.

"“Lou Gehrig he is not,” Jed Hoyer said he texted Ross."

Ross was sitting at home recovering from the flu as they headed the Camelback Ranch to face the Dodgers. And no fault of his own. He’s got the flu.

"“He was texting about the game,” Tommy Hottovy said of Saturday’s opening win over the A’s. “He’s locked in.”"

Next. Cubs Bryant will show his worth as a leadoff man. dark

He should be locked in. He’s missed the first two games. I kid, I kid. He should get the ‘start’ against the Seattle Mariners. But will he catch such grief? Absolutely.

"“You know, we haven’t given him any yet, but when he shows up …” pitching coach Hottovy said before Sunday’s game at Camelback Ranch against the Dodgers."

Welcome to the big leagues, Rossy.