Chicago Cubs: Five things to watch this spring training

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Chicago Cubs: While the starters on the field are pretty much set, the depth will see some sorting out

There will be some competition on the position player side of things this spring. Notable veteran depth players at camp right now include Jason Kipnis, Steven Souza, Daniel Descalso, Hernan Perez, Josh Phegley and Carlos Asuaje.

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You’re probably not too giddy with excitement with that list. But that is what they have to work with. Right now, it feels pretty good that guys like Souza and Kipnis will make the roster, especially since Souza was an MLB signing, and Kipnis is still a decent lefty power bat despite overall declines in recent years.

Though it is worth noting, Souza’s health is a legit concern. Descalso is under contract for another year and will be looking to bounce back and Perez will try to be that 26th guy.

Other guys like Phegley and Asuaje are likely minors-bound with availability to come up if needed in the season if they stick around. The depth is going to be one of the weaknesses of the team, but if Souza and Kipnis show they can play more as they did a few years ago, it can at least give the team a little boost. Expectations should not be high on that, but both those guys can still be useful.

It will be very interesting to watch Kipnis this spring. Despite not being the All-Star he once was, he was the most significant addition to the roster this winter in terms of name and resume.