Chicago Cubs: Look, Kris Bryant is not going to St. Louis

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

One article is now naming St. Louis as a potential landing spot for Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs. Let’s say we all need spring training to start.

Yes, I saw it. I saw the article that came out on Friday speculating that our archnemesis, the St. Louis Cardinals, maybe a potential landing spot for Kris Bryant via trade with the Chicago Cubs. Sorry, but I’m here to throw cold water on that idea right now.

The idea first came from Mark Feinsand of, in what has to be about the 10,000th article this winter throwing out potential landing spots for Bryant this offseason. Despite the absurdity of the idea, that didn’t stop or at least one other site from picking up the idea and running with it.

On these pages, we’ve analyzed potential landing spots for the third baseman a lot this winter, including recently, as the New York Yankees came up as a spot as well. And in a time of year when there’s no action on the field – especially in an offseason that has been as quiet as this one – it’s our job to keep the conversation going and to discuss potential moves that MLB teams could make before they happen.

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Yet this idea… I mean, I know that St. Louis has been involved in Nolan Arenado rumors, so it would only make sense that they would be interested in other third basemen on the market. And the Cardinals probably have some young players that the Cubs would be interested in. Take off the red STL caps and replace the Cardinals with almost any other MLB logo, and this would be a legitimate conversation to have.

But we’re still talking Cubs-Cardinals here. Not only are they in the same division, but we’re also talking about the player who called St. Louis “boring” at last year’s Cubs Convention and who drew boos from the Busch Stadium faithful last year.

Yes, I know the teams once got together on the infamous Lou Brock trade. But there are just too many circumstances that would prevent a Bryant-to-the-Cardinals trade from materializing. So, relax, Cubs fans, KB isn’t going to St. Louis.

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Kris Bryant-to-the-Cardinals rumors are the end of the line as far as I’m concerned. Thankfully, spring training camp opens in just five days, on Wednesday, February 12. And if there was ever a sign that we badly need camp to open so we can get this season started, this is it.